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Patterned Teacup cards

Before the Easter holidays we did some craft at Guides.

I decided to make a card that could be used for Mother’s Day (this year it was the 30th March in the UK), but that could equally be used for anyone who needed a boost.

I had originally seen this as an activity some years ago, but didn’t have any instructions – it was also, as I recall, a card made in the shape of a teapot. I researched the idea and found some nice instructions here : .  It was a paper teacup and saucer, made to stand away from the card in order to hold a teabag

I showed the girls how to make the card and let them loose on a pile of plain and patterned papers and here are the results:


As you can see one girl re-figured the template to make a coffee mug (bottom left) and one disregarded the template entirely and made a PG Tips box for her card (which inexplicably didn’t get photographed) – but that’s ok; I’m all about artistic freedom :)

There were mother’s day poem options, but most of them wrote something personal and endearing. A success overall, though I didn’t get one as my Guide was appearing in ‘Alice’ at school that night. Oh well.





Back in the swing

Pattern and sickness have floored me this last four weeks, but a second course of antibiotics is helping with the latter…

Oldest daughter had another birthday in the month of pattern and here is her cake:

loveheart cake

straight lines are not my forte, but both Oldest Daughter and I was pleased with the outcome. It tasted great – though the textures of cake, jam, fondant and fizzy sweet all together were interesting :D


Look at this! A post about making something for Easter – BEFORE Easter!!


Unheard of.

Feel free to use my idea for your group / own decorations, but please tell people where you got it from – link me up :)

Anyhow, this is the craft for Guides this week. Gather your resources: a polystyrene egg, a wooden skewer, about 30cms of Easter ribbon, a fluffy chick, glue and sequins.


Using the skewer, carefully push a hole through the centre of the egg from the wide bottom to the pointed top.


Remove the skewer then use it to push the ribbon, folded in half, through the hole to make a hanging loop. Knot the bottom end and pull through.


Next we have to do some surgery – unfortunately the chick requires some foot amputation so that it can then be poked into the egg. I used the skewer to start the holes, then pushed the chicks legs into the polystyrene until it sits comfortably.

WP_001777 WP_001783

Now it’s glue time. Smother the egg in glue and then dip it in a half full jar of sequins or roll it in sequins – up to you which technique you use. Leave these to dry. My advice is don’t mess about with it. Cover it in sequins and leave it. I’m sure another layer can be added when it’s dry if you can’t stand to have any gaps at all.

WP_001784 WP_001785

As I said this is for Guides, so I’m not being too precious.

And here it is – one sparkly decoration for your Easter table or to hang on a plant in your house. Cute huh.

WP_001788 WP_001789

My apologies – I have not lived up to my weekly blogger tag so far this month.

The birthday obviously went to my head – too much cake – but now it is the 12th of March and I have nothing uploaded to show for this month’s challenge, which is Pattern.

I am afraid of pattern.

I have watched the new series of the Great British Sewing Bee and envied other’s ease with patterned fabrics. My most patterned items of clothing are pyjamas, which aren’t worn outside the house and therefore are not exposed to criticism or ridicule except by my family.

I am also a bit afraid of colour, so the combination of pattern and colour often stops me dead – hence I am no patchwork quilter…

This month’s challenge was to try to overcome that – not necessarily by jumping on to my sewing machine and running up a glorious african inspired two piece (I wish) but to look at pattern as something interesting, something exciting. To try and learn how patterns work and how they can work together.

In it’s simplist form I have been having a go at rainbow loom type elastics and watching my girls and the Brownies and Guides blend the colours has been a revelation.

I found a very good instruction for doing a bracelet on your fingers - we used two pencils in the end as the elastics can cut off your circulation! Here is my version of the single fishtail:

WP_001795 WP_001791

Choose your colours and lay them out to make the pattern, then start with a figure of eight round the pencils.

WP_001798 WP_001799 WP_001800

Add the next to colours, but without the twist in the middle. Take the bottom elastic on each pencil and pull it up over the top of the pencil, dropping each side into the middle.

WP_001803 WP_001804WP_001806

Add another colour-again without a twist and repeat the previous procedure with the bottom elastic. Continue on this way, gradually growing your pattern.

WP_001807 WP_001809

You can basically keep going as long as you want – many bracelets were made on our recent overnight camp with Guides (whole arms worth in some cases) and one Guide made me a splendid glasses necklace. I now have no excuse for not being able to find my specs!

Blogging Birthday!

Today is my blogging birthday – one whole year!

In celebration I am going to eat cake, but before I do I wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been with me on this first year of my journey into the blogosphere.

I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and really upped the amount of creativity in my life – being creative has come out of my peripheral vision and into my sight line which has been wonderful.

I am also heading for my 100th post, so I will have to have a think about how to celebrate that – perhaps I will ask you to join me in a challenge and give something away as a prize…watch this space!

painting faces-Gangshow 2014

I haven’t done any drawing this week of half term – not on paper anyway.

This week is Gangshow week. 90 odd children on stage Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, with two matinees and I am in charge of the make up team.

That means I get to spend every evening (and two matinees) wielding a series of brushes loaded with ‘paint’ and transform day faces into stage faces. It’s been really interesting to see how the lights change our work. What seems pretty heavy in the make up room becomes beautifully natural on stage.

I love how each face is a new challenge and how, while we all have eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, the shapes are so different in every face and each person has something that gives them beauty.

I went to watch the show with some of my Guides last night and I love it’s joy and it’s innocence in an age when the race to adulthood gets faster year by year and life is only deemed interesting if we are laughing, at someone else’s expense -usually through electronic media.

It is real.

It’s only short lived, but the memory it leaves and the friendships it engenders live long a time.

Here’s the link if you’d like to see it for yourself

I recently came across a blog called Art to the 5th. and their Documented Life project through this lady’s blog

It chimed nicely with my February Challenge as it involves art journaling – decorating a diary or journal on a regular basis, following prompts on the site.

I am, of course, behind as they started at the beginning of the year, but I have so far done the cover (week one) and the Selfie (week 2)

journal wk1

My diary is from Rymans – I love the colour and it is A5 sized and a page a day as I usually write all my lists in it.

Week one was to photograph, paint, sketch or incorporate your front door.

journal wk2

Week 2 was ‘Selfie’. I really don’t photograph well, so I decided to paint an idealised portrait – this is how I look in my head….

I am not a scrapbooker, which means so far there have been no applied elements, but week three is adding a pocket using an old envelope, so perhaps I will find my inner collage artists for that as well as doing some drawing.

Check out the blog’s Gallery though, there are some amazing examples. I am inspired!

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