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I had to share this because it is rare for my children to get excited about art the way I do.

Youngest daughter watched Newsround recently, when they were covering Lucy Sparrow’s The Corner Shop art installation in which all the items for sale are made of felt.

Shortly after I was preparing another Gruffalo workshop, this time involving felt owls and she asked if she could make tins, like the ones she’d seen on TV. Now youngest daughter has never sewn anything more than a few stitches before, but she sat and sewed these.



I am so proud.


Playing with your food

Sometime ago a friend gave me a book with googly eyes attached in a sachet and some ideas of what to do with them. It sat in my cupboard for a while and then I came across peppers with eyes online – I honestly can’t remember how or why.

Obviously I wanted to try this at home

peppers peppers2 peppers3


Now I just can’t stop playing with my food..

…..and today I saw this!!


I have continued to have a lovely time going through my make do and mend box and now own several more wearable pairs of trousers and shorts after some mending and cutting – it’s amazing how easily you forget what you own when the items are languishing out of sight.

In amongst the waiting items were two of Lovely Husband’s old grey t-shirts. He had a habit of buying lots of the same item in the past which turned out to be great for me when he put them out for the second hand bag.

With Oldest Daughter on her summer holiday earlier than Youngest Daughter I decided to find her something creative to do, so I gave her a heart shaped stamp, some fabric paint and the t-shirts (with cardboard inside) and told her to stamp away.

When the pattern was dry and ironed to fix, I used the t-shirts as fabric to make her a new summer dress. I literally laid her favourite dress onto the t-shirt; first the top half (adding a few inches as she is ever-growing)


and then the skirt part onto the second t-shirt. I had to wiggle it about here to make it fit, so the swish is slightly less, but it still works.

I then simply sewed the pieces together and hemmed the skirt, neck and armholes.

dress dress2

As you can see it looks pretty and fits well. I think oldest daughter is pleased.


busy busy busy

I cleared out my craft corner (again) recently, trying to make space for the paperwork I know will be part of my new course.

This meant I unearthed my sewing machine from its corner and yesterday I set to on my make do and mend box.

In one day I managed to:

shorten/adjust two dresses

fix and line my favourite handbag

adjust a t-shirt for a better fit

repair my horribly torn pyjama trousers

hem smallest daughters school trousers for next year

In addition I rediscovered a much loved linen jacket. It had torn and worn cuffs so I hand pleated 5 metres of cotton ribbon, cut off and reapplied the cuffs and then applied the ribbon to the bottom hem and cuff ends. Here is the gallery of work:


Am very happy.

Entirely appropriately, on my 100th blog post, I have been working on something for one of the celebrations of the Brownie Centenary in our area.

I was asked to paint a Brownie for Starquest on Saturday, so that our District could run a ‘Pin the badge on the Brownie’ game during the day.

I love to paint, when I have the time, and having been reminded that I’d said yes to this request, I threw myself into it – and here is the result:

brownie brownie face

I am particluarly pleased with her face:

I tried to make her as generic as possible while still going for the 1970’s girl vibe. I think I have been successful.

Anyone need any illustrations done? I’m on a roll and I’m probably not expensive enough :)


Piece of Pie

I finished paid work a little over a week ago, but that first week of my ‘holiday’ was just as busy as ever with meeting friends I haven’t seen for a while, Brownie Pack Holiday planning and helping out on a school trip alongside my usual activities.

I’m looking forward now to the next phase of my life, but today, this morning, I wanted pie.

One of my recent emails was entitled ‘Rustic Peach Raspberry Slab Pie’ and that got me thinking about all the soft fruit we (by which I mean my lovely husband…) have been growing. As always the children get a bit over strawberries after a week or two and I have to think of something to do with them – often jam – but this recipe gave me an idea.

pie2 pie

I took all the slightly over ripe nectarines from the fruit bowl and neglected strawberries and raspberries from the fridge and piled them, turned with a little cornflour and sugar, onto a board. I then used Delia’s pastry recipe (never fails) and made my version of that slab pie.


It looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to have it after tea with cream (naturally). And I had enough pastry left over for jam tarts.



For the last few weeks I have been using my network to collect plastic milk bottle lids for Brownies.

‘Why?’ I hear you cry. Well, I’ll tell you.

We have been using the clauses of the Science Investigator badge this term for some of our activities and one of the clauses is about making a vehicle – so essentially I was collecting wheels.

My daughter’s book ‘SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS’ by Robert Winston gave us the instructions for a racing type car powered by rubber band and that’s what we did last week.

Because we only have an hour for the actual activity I spent time drawing and roughly cutting out the car in cardboard (35 in total).  I also wrote and drew an instruction sheet for each six. This meant the Brownies had only the final trim and the shaded areas to cut out and then they could get on with adding the wheels and rubber band and having a trial run, plus we could refer them back to the instructions instead of having to explain too many times over.


I warned them at the beginning that we weren’t looking at 0-60 in 3 seconds and this was proved. However, shiny floors, slippy wheels, dodgy cutting out, trapped rubber bands notwithstanding they seemed to enjoy it. :)


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