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Glitter and tattoos? Let me at it!

My Dad buys and gives my children odd things now and then. They’ve had cheap, fun ditigal watches, pretty necklaces, earrings, MacDonald’s toys – when he was eating happy meals and recently a set of glitter tattoos.

I’ve been itching to give them a go and now, in another half term holiday, when they sun is out and sleeves are short, we decided it was time.

They turned out to be sticky stencils, glue (like the stuff you use for false eyelashes I’m guessing)and that light, get-everywhere-with-the-merest-breath glitter. I had a lot of fun and my girls are sporting something individual that definitely has the edge over ordinary stick on tattoos.

If only real tattoos came with glitter!

multi glitter heart

multi glitter heart

cherries and dolphin

cherries and dolphin


chocolate and raspberries (and whiskers on kittens)

I don’t normally post about cake – honestly, my daughter makes so much there’s hardly a need for me to do it – but Sunday was my lovely husband’s birthday and I wanted to spend time on a special cake for him.

I found the recipe in a vegetarian magazine from some months ago: chocolate, raspberries and cream – some of my husband’s favourite things (other than strawberries…) 🙂

Being super pleased with the outcome I thought it was worth sharing:

Mmm - mm

Mmm – mm

Tasted fab too!

riding the wave of success – the owl and the pussycat robe

After the success of youngest daughter’s robe, oldest daughter’s had to be made – I was striking while the iron was hot!

Despite a myriad of gorgeous summer motifed beach towels on offer, oldest daughter was swayed by her favourite motif – owls.

three owl & pussy cats towels 140 x 90cms

three owl & pussy cats towels 140 x 90cms

Using the same technique, I made up the robe with two front pieces and a back in the same design. This meant I had to find something else to bind the front and, as luck would have it, some ribbon I inherited from my husband’s late Great Aunt (who also kept everything) was a perfect match

To make it slightly different and perhaps a bit more sophisticated for oldest daughter I ribbon topped the pockets (which I placed across the side seam at the hip instead of on the front) and added turn-up cuffs on the sleeve with a ribbon and button decoration, as well as the belt loops, belt and hanging thing at the neck.

Oldest daughter is a natural model! She too will be wearing this robe for years before she grows out of it – haven’t quoted Edward Lear yet….

all done!

all done!

beach towels – not just for the summer

On my way home through town I spotted some really lovely beach towels in a shop window. They were bright ice lolly colours and the summer motifs got my juices going. My daughters have both grown out of their towelling robes / dressing gowns recently and these seemed the perfect solution – bright and gorgeous and not too costly and, in my head at least, robes are only a series of rectangles…..

As I worked without a pattern I thought I’d try and show some sort of tutorial, so bear with me:

one bright stripe and two bright green towels 140 x 90 cms

one bright stripe and two bright green towels 140 x 90 cms

Smallest daughter decided these mouthwatering brights were just her thing – the stripe is for the front and the green for the back and sleeves. The towels had fancy edges too, so the first thing I did was remove them for use as edgings.


I was working without a pattern, as I said, but I figured the front must be in two bits, so in half went the striped towel


I sewed these ‘fronts’ to a green ‘back’ at the shoulder, leaving a gap where I was going to make a V neck. I then guesstimated the armhole size and sewed up the sides. Because the towels were different, I decided that binding could bring it together – so I used the green towel’s edge to bind the front edges, creating the V at the same time.

binding the front edge

binding the front edge

Next it was the sleeves. Another guess – though robe sleeves are just a rectangle on a drop shoulder – I inserted the sleeve and bound the raw cuff end with the multi-towel’s fancy edge.

bound cuff

bound cuff

The towels are pretty long, but I wanted to make sure youngest daughter had length as she gets taller (which happens daily…). So I folded a deep hem and sewed it on the machine.

ready to hem

ready to hem

I added a hanging tag at the neck, two pockets (made from patchworked stripey edge), belt loops, as well as a belt from leftover edging. Of course this also sports a Buntyboo brag label.

As you can see, youngest daughter will be wearing this robe until she’s 30, but I’m pleased with it and, more importantly, she loves it – though she’s already bored with people singing selections from ‘Joseph’ at her…. 😀

youngest daughter modelling her new robe

youngest daughter modelling her new robe


jelly on a plate

Somehow, time has been sucked away this week, so my creativity has only had it’s outlet domestically. This jelly mould I was given about 8 years ago and this is it maiden voyage.

I give you – Marmaduke the orange (jelly) cat!

the carpenter’s assistant and the strawberry ladder

Today my creating has mostly gone on in my head. I’ve pootled about, thinking about the things I’m going to do  –  when I’ve finished being my husbands cheer team…

My lovely husband has been building a strawberry ladder. He’s talked about it on and off for the last couple of years and finally, this year, in a fit of garden taming and planning he decided to make it.

I remember, when I was a little girl, my Dad always wanted an audience when he was doing something around the house – I imagine it was to prove that he’d done it :). My husband is similar.

Despite using a workmate (don’t those things hold wood for you?) I was his mate – holding the ends of the wood, watching him screw things together, making suggestions like ‘shouldn’t that bit be slanted?’ and holding it upright while he dug it in.

Anyway, the strawberry ladder is now in place and looks great. Can’t wait to eat the strawberries – though in our house you have to be up with the dawn chorus to get a look in once they start ripening!!


take one bargain skirt…

It seems faintly ridiculous that it has taken me time over two Fridays to make a basic cushion cover. My excuse is that I had to unpick a skirt first.

I bought some beautiful grass green chenille cushions to update my lounge recently. They will look gorgeous on my brown leather sofas, but I also have a plum coloured chair and I wanted something co-ordinating, but not the same for it. I could find nothing in the cushion shop, so I dropped in to the British Heart Foundation opposite and this skirt caught my eye.


At £3.99 it was a bargain for a skirt (although sadly not my size and I’ve already spoken about my love/hate relationship with pastels…), but the embroidery colour was a perfect match for the green cushions and the pattern made it a co-ordinating piece –  just what I was after!

It took me a good couple of hours to unpick the skirt completely; taking out the zip and lining, taking off the waistband and releasing the godets. I then sewed up the seams, ensuring I ended up with a straight piece of material to use for the cover.

basic overlap cushion pattern

basic overlap cushion pattern

I used an old pillow folded into a cushion shape for the inside and, right sides in, lined up the overlap and sewed the side seams. It’s the simplest form of cushion cover, but I am very pleased with the result. Here it is on the plum chair, but I am not allowing it’s use until the room is decorated!  Guess what my next job is.

ta da!

ta da!

I have left over 6 godet pieces, a full cotton lining and an embroidered stripe waistband. These will not be wasted and I will be showcasing what I do with them in the coming posts. Bet you can’t wait!!

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