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The great Guide tie dye

Last week at Guides we started to make plate bags for camp – for those of you who don’t do Guides, this is the drawstring P.E. type bag you keep your plate, bowl, mug and cutlery in.

I bought very cheaply, two second hand sheets which I cut into A3 (or there abouts)Ā size pieces. The girls tied knots or used rubber bands to hold a variety of twists and turns in their fabric, before leaving them in a dye bath for the duration of the meeting (we also attempted to make kaleidoscopes that night).

I got home and put them through a rinse cycle in my washing machine. Undoing them elicited a lot of admiring oohs and ahs from me – they were all so different-everything from classic tie dye circles to stripes and beautiful feathery patterns.

I can’t wait to show them at our next meeting – though I’m a little trepidatious about the next bit…sewing by hand šŸ˜€ I may not be the most popular Guider that evening!

memories are made of this

I have always liked the idea that the fabrics we use in our everyday lives carry more meaning than their function. Patchwork quilts are the prime example of this; using pieces of fabric that come from worn clothing. Pieces that are representative of others past and present.

With this in mind I have used the fabric from the top I wore to get married in to make a cushion; a long overdue keepsakeĀ – I’ve been married five and a half years now and the top has been in pretty constant use for three of thoseĀ – using theĀ heart shaped cushion that my grandmother made me when I was a teenager. See…two sets of past making a present and future item.

I got married in a black trouser suit (I always said I would and no-one believed me)with this black and white top. The cushion used to have a very boudoir-esqueĀ  red cover with black lace edging, which has long since gone to the charity shop.

I cut the bottom portion off the top and sewed the back and front pieces together to make a squarer piece of fabric, before drawing round the cushion, adding a seam allowance.

I found a piece of black material in my stash-an old dress given to me by my sister-in-law and cut out the two back pieces with added length for the overlap.

I finished the straight edges of the black pieces and then sewed the pieces, right sides facing,Ā together before clipping the curves and turning right side out

and here it is – my wedding/grandma keepsake cushion. I’veĀ considered doing this for at least 2 of the years I’veĀ been married and it took me 45 minutes to make!

the rarely seen ketchup bird

I went to make a sandwich the other day and I was about to curse Oldest daughter for not tidying up after her cheese and ketchup toastie when, on closerĀ inspection,Ā I realised the splot she’d left behind was actually a beautifully stylised bird. So cute

Feeling groovy: polka dot bows and sewalong fame

It’s been a weird old week. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about sewing and spent more time in my local haberdashery than normal too – writing this blog has really helped me up my game in terms of bringing creativity to the front of my brain. My family may tell you that dinners have been less imaginative and Mum is less attentive than usual, but I’m putting that down to adjustment…it’ll all balance out.

I’m working on week three’s project for the Runway Refashion Challenge and I was so excited to see that my ‘week two:Denim’ giletĀ made it onto the Renengade Seamstress’s sewalong page WooHoo! check it out here

The only completed thing so far this week though has been two bow clips – part of a gift for my daughter’s friend. I love making these. they are so cute and very simple.

I’m now officially on holiday from work as the College term has ended. Oh the plans I’m making!

denim – the second week of the refashion runway challenge

I was a bit nervous of this week’s challenge because I don’t wear skirts particularly and, as I wanted to make something I would wear I had to go down the jacket route. I also thought I had a LOT of demin as I had been saving all my old jeans, but when I went to my stash I remembered I’d cut 85% of it into tea plate sized circles for patchwork…
Ah well. Working with the one pair of denim jeans and the black/teal corduroys I had plus some fabric left over from cutting a sale buy Monsoon dress into a top, I used a 1970’s safari jacket pattern for the basic cutting out of pieces. I was pleased to get all the bits I needed from the fabric I had –Ā achieved mainly because I decided to shorten the jacket and leave the sleeves off!

I put it together and discovered it was far too boxy for me, so spent a considerable amount of time adjusting, darting, recutting armholes and basically fitting it to me.

I have some hand sewing to do still and I’m considering what to put on the front – can’t decide whether to put buttons on, add some bling in place of buttons or leave it plain. I also think that it really needs lining to cover up all the adjustments inside, but other than that I’m pleased with it šŸ˜€

denim front denim back

when two become one

Oldest daughter, still growing at a rate of knots, found recently that her 2 nighties had shrunk to hip length.

Inspired by Diary of a MadMama’s ice-cream striped dress from week one of the Refashion Runway Challenge, I cut them up into sections and sewed them back together to make one longer nightie. I’m pleased with the end result and oldest daughter’s happy too. Win win!

tip top nails

Last night, husband an I went out for a lovely meal with some people we haven’t seen for many years – they live in Australia and are back for their hols. I decided to jazz my nails for occasion and I’ve coveted the coloured nail tip look for a while.
You need a steady hand but I think I managed ok šŸ™‚

stripes – the first week of the refashion runway challenge

the finished piece

the finished piece

This jumper dress from New Look came out of a bag of clothes my niece was throwing out. I have worn it, but it is a little too snug and being of average height, it is one of those pieces of clothing that doesn’t really do anything for me. It also has a diamante anchor motif right on the breast – not good.
However I thought the knitted fabric was nice and that it would make a lovely little cardigan, so I challenged myself to ‘make it so’!

First I cut off the bottom of the dress, just under the anchor. Next, I laid the top half on it and judged where to cut the arm holes. With those cut, I cut the sleeves off the original top, along with the neck edge and then used the neck edge to draw a new neckline on the bottom piece. I folded the new garment in half to find the centre front and cut the front open to make it into a cardigan.
Now I just had to put it back together: shoulder seams, sleeves back in and then a blue spotted ribbon from my stash to bind the front and the neck.

I am very happy with the resulting edge to edge cardi – it was deserving of a Buntyboo brag label and I am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow – with a navy blue t-shirt, not this grey one!!

maybe this is why they call it the love apple

love apple

love apple

It seems there are any number of reasons why the tomato was called a love apple in the dim and distant past – from it’s apparent aphrodisiac qualities to a linguistic error – a mishearing of pomi dei mori, or apple of the Moor.
I wonder if the shape of the insides had any bearing…

fitting in a new challenge

refashion runway challenge

refashion runway challenge

This challenge really tempted me, but I didn’t get round to applying for the competitive part of the challenge before the deadline. Having seen the entrants, I don’t think I would have been picked BUT The Renegade Seamstress has published the four weeks of challenges and I thought I would give them a go…

“Week One: Stripes

Week Two: Denim

Week Three: Copy Cat from a magazine, catalog or celebrity

Week Four: Summer Dress

As you can see, I’ve left the challenges fairly open ended. Just remember, each garment must be original (in other words not posted on your blog already) and have a before and after picture. Also, please remember, this is a “refashion” competition so your garment must be constructed from a previous item of some kind.”

I’m looking forward to it!

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