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matchbooked resolutions

Who says resolutions can only be made in January?

At the beginning of term I ask my Guides to write down the things they would like to achieve or try during the year. They hum and haw a bit and sometimes huff, but they all manage to think of something- often along the lines of not arguing with siblings or keeping up to date with homework, but sometimes they surprise you with ‘go paragliding’ or ‘learn to ride a horse’.

Usually we do this in letter form, but this time I decided to make more of the opportunity to do something creative, so we made matchbooks.

I’d seen this as a scrapbooking technique some time ago and I used this tutorial to help me remember how

As you can see, it was a success.


And writing their resolutions warmed the little grey cells enough that the girls made some great suggestions for activities for the coming terms. Result!

last minute lucie and the school pencil case

Some time ago I told oldest daughter I would make her a pencil case for her new school term. We discussed using crisp packets as a fabric – melting them and perhaps covering them in sticky backed plastic. I got as far as experimenting with some and the melting part was quite successful. And then they went AWOL.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned how much of a Black Hole my house is. I’m considering inviting Professor Brian Cox over to check it out….but what with holidays, decorating, general moving of stuff my experimental piece just disappeared.

My daughter starts school tomorrow – so obviously today was the day I finally made the pencil case.

I’d looked at beautifully made zipped cases on Etsy and various blogs many times and always felt I could manage it, but until today I had never tried.

I used my trusty stash of denim circles for the body of the pencil case and material that was a duvet cover of mine when I was a teenager for the lining (me, keep stuff for years?? No!). I also have a whole box of zips – I inherited these from lovely husband’s great aunt who lived to be 98. She basically took all the useful bits off before putting clothes out when they got too old to wear – the glorious orange one came from there.


My daughter loves cooking cake so that’s where I took my inspiration for the design. After a bit of a false start I got going using tiny scraps of fabric satin stitched onto the denim by machine.

I used this tutorial: which was very helpful and put together my patchwork, zip and lining.

TaDa! One pencil case big enough to house a 30cm ruler and all the pens pencils and maths paraphenalia a senior school could wish for.

case2 case3

My girls get embarrassed if I sing or dance in public, but they do like the things I make them 🙂




disgusting milk, but gorgeous scones

I had a day to myself today – bliss after the long summer holiday.

Yesterday evening we had tea on the beach and I took some milk for drinks – unfortunately it got left in the bag for a while after our return and consequently turned almost immediately into yoghurt.

However, my mum always says off milk is good for scones so I got out my nan’s Good Housekeeping cook book circa 1952 and had a go.

My mum was right. They are the biggest, lightest scones I’ve ever made. Yum!


one lunch bag, blinged up

I’m not sure blinged is actually a word, but that’s what my Mum did today when she was visiting.

She got the insulated lunch bag free at the Innocent Fete/Festival/Fair about 7 years ago and had drawn some flower outlines on it with an idea to paint them in – that hadn’t happened so I offered my scraps drawer, my new craft table (out for its inaugural use) and my bead box and off she went.

The flowers were simple cut out shapes layered up and sewn through the centre with embroidery thread left long as ‘stamens’ or ‘stigma’ or whatever they are called. My mum then added beads, glued them to the bag and added some large flower sequins for a bit of glamour.

bag bling

I think the result is pretty cool (though my photography doesn’t do it justice!) Shame my own free lunch bag is much more the worse for wear otherwise I would so be doing mine too!

Surely it’s not September already!

Once again time has slipped through my fingers and I am ashamed to say it has been almost a month since I posted anything.

In my defence I have been to Guide Camp and then on holiday and in between it has been The Summer Holidays; where days lay out before you like a playing field of freshly cut grass ready to be played on and it feels like time stands still…only  it doesn’t, and then its teatime and oh look its bedtime and where on earth did that go???

The last couple of days have been taken up with organising our returns to school and work and Guides – the most creative I’ve been is ironing on name tapes and thinking about packed lunch menus.

Anyway, while my craft space is still beautiful through recent lack of use, it is about to go into production and I will have some things in the pipeline to share.

I will leave you with bated breath (I’m sure) 🙂



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