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New Year musings

I have said in previous posts that resolutions can be made at any time of the year, but as the 31st of December comes round I start to feel a bit antsy.

Of course, my own personal marker of the years tripping by is also almost upon me so perhaps that is part of the problem. As much as I like to celebrate living longer, each year the time that has passed weighs on me a bit.

I start to feel the need to throw things out. I start to resent being knee deep in Christmas paraphernalia and yearn for the relative minimalism of a house without baubles and tinsel. I also like to make some plans – some achievable and some pie in the sky.

The eternal question is can these plans survive the hustle and bustle of every day family life? Essentially that’s what this blog is about. Making space for the things I love to do. Making sure that I don’t lose myself.

I look back on the things I have talked about on here and I am impressed that I managed so much – I spend a lot of time berating myself for not spending time wisely, but actually I fit a lot in.

Maybe this year I will put a bag over the head of the moaning gremlin that sits on my shoulder and embrace the cherub that tells me I can. If I manage only that, 2014 could be an even better year than the one I’ve just had.

Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week) JOY


Joy is playing in the leaves on a gorgeous autumn day and catching that glorious ray of light on your camera.

after dinner snowmen

Christmas Day evening, after a great meal (mostly cooked by Lovely Husband), a sit down and a light tea our guests were invited to create snowmen.

The materials on offer? marshmallows – giant and standard – rolos, giant chocolate buttons, rainbow laces, jelly beans and dolly mixtures…

Look how handsome they are!


poinsettia biscuits

As you can see from the last couple of posts, baked goods are my go to last minute gift!

I have made quite a number of star shaped biscuits recently and I noticed that my cutter was getting a bit soft at the points. This reminded me of the Christmas flower poinsettia, so I mixed up a ridiculously red icing and a bit of yellow and the result is below:


I am going to make more, I am so enamoured by them!

The left over yellow icing I used to make 3 little stars for my three little stars. 🙂


Happy Christmas if you are celebrating and a very Happy New Year!!

Tattoo motif throw

I have been mulling this over for a while and, as I am pretty sure my talented neice doesn’t read my blog, I am going to put this up now.

Talented neice is a tattooist – she does the most amazing drawings and is branching out into t-shirts. I am a very proud auntie.

I took one of her more classic tattoo designs and appliqued it onto a bought throw. I just wanted to tip my hat at the lovely work she does while giving her a present she can actually use. I am quite pleased with it (it is the thing that kept me up til 3am) though it could probably have been neater and given less thinking and more doing time I may have chosen different materials.

However, it is the thought that counts 🙂


apologies for the terrible photo…

If you are into tattoos, here is her facebook page:

Christmas Jammie Dodgers

And so begins the LastMinuteLucie race for the finish line that is making stuff for people for Christmas…

We are off visiting this morning – bleary eyed after a day at the Science Museum and ice skating at the Natural History plus a night finishing another gift…hello 3am. Why do I do this to myself  ??

As a little gift we have made Jammie Dodgers.

I used my trusty 1970s children’s book shortbread recipe, but for a festive change the traditional  heart is a star.


Wrapped in cellophane they look very professional!

cereal box gift wrap

Youngest daughter said last night ‘When are we doing my teacher’s Christmas present?’

Bearing in mind she finished school today for the holidays, last night became a flurry of activity on the cake front and a gift box had to be found pretty swiftly!

We used the bottom of a cornflake box – she painted it white to try and cover the design and then we covered it in torn tissue pieces. She painted a layer of PVA glue all over for shine and then a tissue layer was place inside and curling ribbon handles added.

gift bag

Considering it only took about 30 ninutes to make I think it looks pretty good – not sure how my lovely husband is going to feel about all the cereal packets being kept in the future ‘just in case’ though…

Here is a link to some other thrifty craft posts:

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A Christmas commission!

One of my oldest friends lives in very pretty place in Yorkshire and her husband administrates the Town Hall.

Last week they asked me to design an image for a Christmas card that included the building and some of the things the town and Hall are used for. I had a go and sent the finished image to him, though I felt quite anxious that I hadn’t caught what was in his mind.

masham town hall

He apparently thought it works – so my drawing is off to the great and good wishing them a lovely yuletide! 🙂

baby christmas decoration

I started this craft with those little Russian dolls in mind, but in the end it turned out to be a cross between a Russian doll and a baby wrapped in swaddling – which was ok as it was a Christmas decoration personalised with the name of Brown Owl’s daughter.

She is made from fleece, polycotton and satin lining; all from my stash of recycled fabrics, and is hand stitched – including her face.


I think she’s really cute. Snowy Owl, if you are reading this, you will be getting a similar one in the new year!

Peacock inspired nails

I was out on the razz last Saturday for the first time in a while.

It was only a chinese meal and few drinks, but I thought, as they were all the same length for a change, I would prettify my nails for the occasion.

I wore jeans and a black top with a light jacket that had a peacock feather motif. This gave me the inspiration for the nails – I went with a clear base coat all over, a dark green and a shiny teal over 2/3 of the nail and gold done with a long haired brush to simulate the feathery edge.

It’s not a perfect feather, but I think it is reminiscent – a peacock feather in abstract if you like.

Someone asked me if they were nail wraps, which in our house is like being told your cakes are ‘just like shop bought’ as a compliment 😀


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