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Blogging Birthday!

Today is my blogging birthday – one whole year!

In celebration I am going to eat cake, but before I do I wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been with me on this first year of my journey into the blogosphere.

I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and really upped the amount of creativity in my life – being creative has come out of my peripheral vision and into my sight line which has been wonderful.

I am also heading for my 100th post, so I will have to have a think about how to celebrate that – perhaps I will ask you to join me in a challenge and give something away as a prize…watch this space!

painting faces-Gangshow 2014

I haven’t done any drawing this week of half term – not on paper anyway.

This week is Gangshow week. 90 odd children on stage Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, with two matinees and I am in charge of the make up team.

That means I get to spend every evening (and two matinees) wielding a series of brushes loaded with ‘paint’ and transform day faces into stage faces. It’s been really interesting to see how the lights change our work. What seems pretty heavy in the make up room becomes beautifully natural on stage.

I love how each face is a new challenge and how, while we all have eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, the shapes are so different in every face and each person has something that gives them beauty.

I went to watch the show with some of my Guides last night and I love it’s joy and it’s innocence in an age when the race to adulthood gets faster year by year and life is only deemed interesting if we are laughing, at someone else’s expense -usually through electronic media.

It is real.

It’s only short lived, but the memory it leaves and the friendships it engenders live long a time.

Here’s the link if you’d like to see it for yourself

documenting my life-challenge 3

I recently came across a blog called Art to the 5th. and their Documented Life project through this lady’s blog

It chimed nicely with my February Challenge as it involves art journaling – decorating a diary or journal on a regular basis, following prompts on the site.

I am, of course, behind as they started at the beginning of the year, but I have so far done the cover (week one) and the Selfie (week 2)

journal wk1

My diary is from Rymans – I love the colour and it is A5 sized and a page a day as I usually write all my lists in it.

Week one was to photograph, paint, sketch or incorporate your front door.

journal wk2

Week 2 was ‘Selfie’. I really don’t photograph well, so I decided to paint an idealised portrait – this is how I look in my head….

I am not a scrapbooker, which means so far there have been no applied elements, but week three is adding a pocket using an old envelope, so perhaps I will find my inner collage artists for that as well as doing some drawing.

Check out the blog’s Gallery though, there are some amazing examples. I am inspired!

pen-pal paper-February challenge 2

As we get nearer to Thinking Day we are trying our hand at letter writing at Guides.

My friend Wendy sent me an email from a Guider in Canada who was interested in linking their girls with girls in the UK, by becoming pen pals.

As a teenager I had many pen pals and loved getting letters through the post. I still get excited if the postman brings something other than bills and in a way I am sad that pen and paper letter writing has all but disappeared.

Don’t get me wrong – I love emails, texts, phone calls, instant messaging, social media and blogging as much as the next girl, but there is still something very personal and human about ink on paper.

As part of my February drawing challenge I decided to design some Guide writing paper – I enjoy new stationery almost more than writing the letter!  I have left it black and white for the girls so they can colour it in if they wish and tried to represent some of the things we do in Guides.


Sadly, the scan doesn’t do it justice, but represented here are cooking outdoors, cooking indoors, crafts, campfires and singing, water zorbing, swimming, abseiling, camping and making friends.

If anyone has any tips on getting a decent image of a drawing on here I would be pleased to hear it 🙂

matchbox makeover

I went to use my box of matches the other day and decided it just wasn’t attractive enough.

Needless to say I have a stash of second hand wrapping paper at my disposal so with scissors and glue I beautified it

matches2 matches

a creative urge satisfied!

turtle neck to cosy hood

It’s been horrible here – days of wind and rain after a promisingly sunny start to February.

Some years ago my sister in law bought me a fleece scarf/rollneck/tabard affair. It was a glorious purple and a lovely idea, but I hardly ever used it because (and here is vanity from a woman who never carries a brush with her) getting it on and off gave me Einstein hair.

So, now my girls ‘borrow’ all my hats on a regular basis and never put them back in the drawer, I thought I’d change this purple piece into a hood and scarf that I would use.

Here it is in it’s Before photo – beautifully modelled by my wonderful mum:


As you can see it has the rollneck thing going on and the scarf piece at the front has a matching bit at the back. Anyway, I unpicked one side then marked and pinned a hood shape in the other:

scarf4 scarf2

I stitched the shape and cut off the excess material before trying it on for size:

scarf 5 scarf3 scarf6You can see here it wasn’t quite unpicked enough to sit neatly on the nape of my neck so I unpicked it further after marking with a pin where it should go to.


I then hemmed all the raw edges on my machine.

scarf 8

Now I have a scarf with a hood attached I can go out in the blustery wind and keep my head, ears and neck warm!


I’m very glad to be able to wear it now – it’s such a cheering colour on a dull day.

Doodling-February Challenge 1

Following on from Shrinkles and diving into my February Challenge-drawing:

I doodle whenever I have a pen in my hand; spots, stripes, checks, circles, boxes. It is one thing that really helps my brain relax. Discovering mandalas was a joy.

But when I have more than a moment I doodle faces.

Mostly they are female faces, sometimes figures. I love drawing eyes.

Here are a set I doodled at work between visits and phone calls. I put out a piece of paper especially for it, to see what I could manage – would the expanse of white paper intimidate me? Would it feel too forced – would I get the same joy from it? Would it be too distracting?


I did manage it – it wasn’t as natural as usual –  and it was too distracting… :D, but I felt it was a beginning. My drawing hand is remembering how it feels to make shapes and join lines. It’s reconnecting with my eye and my brain and my imagination. I’m noticing interesting outlines, light and groupings and I can feel the need to put pen to paper returning. I’m excited.

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