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Big Brownie Stay Away Rota

I have been very good. My friends are impressed by my devil-may-care attitude to disposing of superfluous paperwork at the end of a Pack Holiday (ok, apart from the washing up songs list I insisted Brown Owl laminate for another camp – well, we had the laminator with us…)

However, in the spirit of being very pleased with my work and that of the other Owls I photographed my contribution to the information wall  – I give you( drum roll please) the Brownie Pack Holiday Six Job Rota:


nail art, but not as we know it

I was tidying my bedroom today and I came across an old handbag mirror. It still opened and shut but the silver outside was horribly tarnished, so I got my nail varnish out and prettied it up.

mirror mirror2

I will use some proper varnish to try and protect it, but however long it lasts, it looks so much more attractive now!

How to carry a watermelon

How do you carry a watermelon?

Why, in a watermelon bag of course.


Inspired by a watermelon t-shirt seen online while we were planning craft activities for Guide camp, we bought calico bags, red and green fabric dye and seed shaped beads.

The girls dip dyed their bags and, when they were happy with the colour, we rinsed and dried them before decorating them. Most girls opted out of sewing on the beads, preferring to write slogans on with fabric pen, but this is Oldest Daughter’s – and I did the sewing…



In this picture, the darker bag is mine. Dip dyeing whilst being in charge meant it got left in significantly longer each time and, as usual for the woman who can’t see a straight line, the pattern is wonky. However I will salvage this with strategically placed ‘seeds’ so the finished bag looks more purposefully arranged!


Gruffalo workshop – take two

The Gruffalo theatre production has hit our town again and sidekick and I were asked to repeat our star performance at two workshops.

We stayed true to our original plan, but changed the media for each animal. As you can see by the picture, our two to six year olds did a grand job.



We also had a find the leaf game which culminated in a leafy tree on our graffalo picture – this is what our little mouses were photographed with at the end.


If you are in the South East and you fancy a trio to the deep dark woods, go here for more info 🙂

the felt corner shop – an homage

I had to share this because it is rare for my children to get excited about art the way I do.

Youngest daughter watched Newsround recently, when they were covering Lucy Sparrow’s The Corner Shop art installation in which all the items for sale are made of felt.

Shortly after I was preparing another Gruffalo workshop, this time involving felt owls and she asked if she could make tins, like the ones she’d seen on TV. Now youngest daughter has never sewn anything more than a few stitches before, but she sat and sewed these.



I am so proud.


Playing with your food

Sometime ago a friend gave me a book with googly eyes attached in a sachet and some ideas of what to do with them. It sat in my cupboard for a while and then I came across peppers with eyes online – I honestly can’t remember how or why.

Obviously I wanted to try this at home

peppers peppers2 peppers3


Now I just can’t stop playing with my food..

…..and today I saw this!!


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