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Further adventures in shrink plastic

Having completed one item of jewellery and with another friend’s birthday imminent, I decided to make a pair of earrings.

This friend has a thing about Sunflowers.

As you can see, this time I used white shrink plastic of A6 size and drew two Sunflowers freehand, hoping they would come out roughly the same…


Once again, using my trusty Sharpies I coloured them in before cutting them out carefully.

I punched a hole in each one and cooked them for the required time. As you can see they shrunk significantly:

WP_002638 WP_002642WP_002646

Finally I added some ear wires and attached them to a piece of card to make them look posh…

Thought for the year

I’ve been having a bit of a tidy – as you do when there is a million other things you MUST get done before the beginning of term – and I came across this piece (instructions I think came for Guiding Magazine) that I made as an example for the Guides.

Each of the girls made one, thinking about the part of our Promise that is about being true to yourself. There were various quotes available to add or they could write their own.

With the New Year in mind and the committment and creative thinking that will be required of me in 2015, this seemed even more appropriate.



Quite some time ago now I took another Art session with Year 4. This time the theme was Stonehenge and its mysterious use.

We looked at light and dark, shadows and how they create atmosphere and, finally, Stonehenge itself as both an historic place and a series of shapes.

We communally drew the example – I wielded the charcoal and chalk, the children gave the instruction and then they got on with their own.

I was very impressed with the outcomes and they now adorn the classroom walls, mounted individually on black, not far from the cave painting.

stonehenge art stonehenge art2

Minion madness

Youngest daughter went to a Minion themed party last night. I think they stuffed themselves with pizza and popcorn and had a Despicable Me fest, but for a gift my daughter and I drew these little canvases for the birthday girl:


As luck would have it I had saved the bright yellow gift bag Youngest Daughter got from the Big Brownie Birthday bash in the summer and we turned it into a minion gift bag:


Job’s a good ‘un 🙂

Cave Painting with Year 4

I just wanted to share my example drawings:

caves4 caves3

They are done on screwed up paper with chalk and charcoal.

We are doing Stone Age to Bronze Age at school and I got to team teach.  Cool.

pen-pal paper-February challenge 2

As we get nearer to Thinking Day we are trying our hand at letter writing at Guides.

My friend Wendy sent me an email from a Guider in Canada who was interested in linking their girls with girls in the UK, by becoming pen pals.

As a teenager I had many pen pals and loved getting letters through the post. I still get excited if the postman brings something other than bills and in a way I am sad that pen and paper letter writing has all but disappeared.

Don’t get me wrong – I love emails, texts, phone calls, instant messaging, social media and blogging as much as the next girl, but there is still something very personal and human about ink on paper.

As part of my February drawing challenge I decided to design some Guide writing paper – I enjoy new stationery almost more than writing the letter!  I have left it black and white for the girls so they can colour it in if they wish and tried to represent some of the things we do in Guides.


Sadly, the scan doesn’t do it justice, but represented here are cooking outdoors, cooking indoors, crafts, campfires and singing, water zorbing, swimming, abseiling, camping and making friends.

If anyone has any tips on getting a decent image of a drawing on here I would be pleased to hear it 🙂

Doodling-February Challenge 1

Following on from Shrinkles and diving into my February Challenge-drawing:

I doodle whenever I have a pen in my hand; spots, stripes, checks, circles, boxes. It is one thing that really helps my brain relax. Discovering mandalas was a joy.

But when I have more than a moment I doodle faces.

Mostly they are female faces, sometimes figures. I love drawing eyes.

Here are a set I doodled at work between visits and phone calls. I put out a piece of paper especially for it, to see what I could manage – would the expanse of white paper intimidate me? Would it feel too forced – would I get the same joy from it? Would it be too distracting?


I did manage it – it wasn’t as natural as usual –  and it was too distracting… :D, but I felt it was a beginning. My drawing hand is remembering how it feels to make shapes and join lines. It’s reconnecting with my eye and my brain and my imagination. I’m noticing interesting outlines, light and groupings and I can feel the need to put pen to paper returning. I’m excited.

Shrinkle campfires!

I love Shrinkles. Strange plasticky paper you can draw on which, when you cook it shrinks to a much smaller size and becomes hard plastic.

Genius – and Brownies and Guides love it.

After we made jam tarts, we had time at Guides to make some camp blanket badges featuring campfires, out of Shrinkles. The uncooked drawing went home with the girls and I’m not sure whether I will get to see them finished.

However, my own Brownie and Guide brought one home and I did one too:


We hole punched holes round the edge so that we had a way of sewing them on our blankets later, then followed the instructions and made them small


We are very chuffed with them. I have sprayed them with a varnish in case cooking isn’t enough to stop them fading in use. They are now in my pile of badges to sew on…. but that’s a whole other post!

Playing with Playdough-a recipe

I was having a tidy up today and I came across the book I referred to in my post  what to do with all this free time that I wrote in July.

This made me remember that I was going to write up the playdough recipe for you to have a go at and this reminded me that the playdough I made in July still lives in the fridge ready to play with, having already survived numerous uses by my gorgeous girls and their friends.

Now, this week’s photo challenge is ‘window’ and, convoluted as you can see my thinking is, I decided to get said playdough out and have a play.

Here is my offering for the photo challenge: window :


For those of you who would like to play too, this is the recipe from ‘501 TV Free Activities for Kids’ by Di Hodges:

put 1 cup of plain flour, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup cooking salt and 1 tablespoon cream of tartar in a saucepan over a medium heat, stirring until thick. when it has cooled, add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and knead well on a floured board.  Now you can divide the mixture into six balls and add a different colour to each ball – you can use food colouring as I did or powder paint.

We make sure we separate the colours at the end of play and put them into a plastic lidded box in the fridge. So far they’ve lasted six months.

A Christmas commission!

One of my oldest friends lives in very pretty place in Yorkshire and her husband administrates the Town Hall.

Last week they asked me to design an image for a Christmas card that included the building and some of the things the town and Hall are used for. I had a go and sent the finished image to him, though I felt quite anxious that I hadn’t caught what was in his mind.

masham town hall

He apparently thought it works – so my drawing is off to the great and good wishing them a lovely yuletide! 🙂

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