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Photo Challenge: family

This week’s photo challenge got me thinking about what emotions family puts us through. We all have our ups and downs within our family unit – individuals can’t live in a group together without some conflict, however small and sometimes these moments of strain grow bigger in our heads than all the moments of love put together.

But occasionally there is a moment of pure joy. A moment that makes you laugh until you cry. A moment that helps me remember how good it is to be a mum and share that moment with the two amazing human beings that I helped to create.


Now that’s memory making:  “remember when we cleared out the craft boxes…?”


Playing with Playdough-a recipe

I was having a tidy up today and I came across the book I referred to in my post  what to do with all this free time that I wrote in July.

This made me remember that I was going to write up the playdough recipe for you to have a go at and this reminded me that the playdough I made in July still lives in the fridge ready to play with, having already survived numerous uses by my gorgeous girls and their friends.

Now, this week’s photo challenge is ‘window’ and, convoluted as you can see my thinking is, I decided to get said playdough out and have a play.

Here is my offering for the photo challenge: window :


For those of you who would like to play too, this is the recipe from ‘501 TV Free Activities for Kids’ by Di Hodges:

put 1 cup of plain flour, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup cooking salt and 1 tablespoon cream of tartar in a saucepan over a medium heat, stirring until thick. when it has cooled, add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and knead well on a floured board.  Now you can divide the mixture into six balls and add a different colour to each ball – you can use food colouring as I did or powder paint.

We make sure we separate the colours at the end of play and put them into a plastic lidded box in the fridge. So far they’ve lasted six months.

weekly photo challenge: Beginning


This is the time of year that lovely Husband and I talk about the allotment and the garden. The year seems full of possibilities and endless time to spend making them both productive and beautiful. I love to look at seed catalogues and go through the seeds we’ve saved and these nasturtium seeds are my favourite. Perfectly formed capsules filled with potential.

Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week) JOY


Joy is playing in the leaves on a gorgeous autumn day and catching that glorious ray of light on your camera.

Peacock inspired nails

I was out on the razz last Saturday for the first time in a while.

It was only a chinese meal and few drinks, but I thought, as they were all the same length for a change, I would prettify my nails for the occasion.

I wore jeans and a black top with a light jacket that had a peacock feather motif. This gave me the inspiration for the nails – I went with a clear base coat all over, a dark green and a shiny teal over 2/3 of the nail and gold done with a long haired brush to simulate the feathery edge.

It’s not a perfect feather, but I think it is reminiscent – a peacock feather in abstract if you like.

Someone asked me if they were nail wraps, which in our house is like being told your cakes are ‘just like shop bought’ as a compliment 😀


Coriander, the carrot cat


Well, you’ve got to find some entertainment when you’re cleaning the fridge…


sunset over the supermarket

I have been overwhelmed by homework – year 7 takes a lot of getting used to! In addition we have more to do in Year 4 than last year and I have started a course myself – which has homework.

In an attempt to make creative space I am posting these photos I took in Asda car park last Friday. You never know where inspiration is going to strike…


It reminded me of some lines from Suzanne Vega’s ‘The Queen and the Soldier’:

‘the sun it was gold, though the sky it was grey and she wanted more than she ever could say

but she knew how it frightened her and she turned away and would not look at his face again’

It’s a great song.



Surely it’s not September already!

Once again time has slipped through my fingers and I am ashamed to say it has been almost a month since I posted anything.

In my defence I have been to Guide Camp and then on holiday and in between it has been The Summer Holidays; where days lay out before you like a playing field of freshly cut grass ready to be played on and it feels like time stands still…only  it doesn’t, and then its teatime and oh look its bedtime and where on earth did that go???

The last couple of days have been taken up with organising our returns to school and work and Guides – the most creative I’ve been is ironing on name tapes and thinking about packed lunch menus.

Anyway, while my craft space is still beautiful through recent lack of use, it is about to go into production and I will have some things in the pipeline to share.

I will leave you with bated breath (I’m sure) 🙂



now I know why children draw rays round the sun

Later, in the early hours of the morning the heavens opened and the sky was lit with great wide flashes between bouts of incredibly loud thunder. But at teatime the sky was a glorious vision. A picture perfect sunset sky so beautiful I actually stopped doing anything for 20 minutes or more so I could savour it – and photograph it.


the rarely seen ketchup bird

I went to make a sandwich the other day and I was about to curse Oldest daughter for not tidying up after her cheese and ketchup toastie when, on closer inspection, I realised the splot she’d left behind was actually a beautifully stylised bird. So cute

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