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Firework resolutions

I start back at Guides this week and in keeping with tradition, we often look at resolution making in January. It’s not always personal – sometimes we look at them in terms of the things they would like to try at Guides during the year.

In the past we have written ourselves letters, sealed until the end of the year, and made little matchbooks, but this year I decided to go with the firework scheme. I recently came across Popplet, which I think is a very cool mind mapping tool and I had been toying with a lesson plan to do with resolutions. In doing so came up with 5 strands to make it less intimidating to children:

something I will do less of

something I will do more of

something I will do with my friends

something I will do at home

something I will do at school (or work if you are grown up).

2015 resolutions

As you can see by the image, I have used black card – this is A5 – and glitter glue in the center for the 2015.

Strips of colour are applied (perfect for using up those scraps of coloured paper we (I) have hanging around) – these are the pretty bit of the firework and hold your resolutions – small to keep things short and to the point – and white pen was used to add drama.

I put a paper ribbon on the top for hanging. Will let you know how these went down at Guides!



Thought for the year

I’ve been having a bit of a tidy – as you do when there is a million other things you MUST get done before the beginning of term – and I came across this piece (instructions I think came for Guiding Magazine) that I made as an example for the Guides.

Each of the girls made one, thinking about the part of our Promise that is about being true to yourself. There were various quotes available to add or they could write their own.

With the New Year in mind and the committment and creative thinking that will be required of me in 2015, this seemed even more appropriate.


Big Brownie Stay Away Rota

I have been very good. My friends are impressed by my devil-may-care attitude to disposing of superfluous paperwork at the end of a Pack Holiday (ok, apart from the washing up songs list I insisted Brown Owl laminate for another camp – well, we had the laminator with us…)

However, in the spirit of being very pleased with my work and that of the other Owls I photographed my contribution to the information wall  – I give you( drum roll please) the Brownie Pack Holiday Six Job Rota:


lollystick chore pot

Over on’ Taking The Path I Took Yesterday’ I have been ruminating about housework and divvying up chores –

I decided to use lollysticks in a jar – each of us take two lollysticks after dinner and do the chore written on it. It’s been running three days and our house is already looking as if someone takes care of it. It also seems to be making people think twice before they leave stuff around – after all they might have to clear someone elses stuff up later!

If you want to have a go, this is what you will need:


Choose the chores you want done after dinner and write them on the lollysticks. I chose things like ‘pack the dishwasher’ and ‘sweep the floor’ as well as other chores on the ground floor like ‘swish and swipe the downstairs loo.


Using the rotary trimmer (because I couldn’t find any scissors…) I cut a piece of sticky backed plastic and applied it to my clean jar.

jar4 jar5

Eh voila! The chore pot is so far causing great hilarity after dinner, seeing who gets the ‘easy’ and the ‘rubbish’ chores, but it’s making a difference.




mind the gap

Once again there’s been more than a week between posts  – someone should really make me take that weekly blogger badge down…

There has been creativity, granted it’s been mostly in my head, but I tell myself that’s where all the good stuff begins :).

My next post is on it’s way after a bit of a fight getting the pictures from my phone to my computer – it had some sort of spat with the WiFi router affair, so not long to wait.

Incidentally, I have a new adventure just round the corner in the form of teacher training and I decided I would blog about that too. (I know…if I can’t keep up with this one…)

If you’d like to take a look this is the link…


Back in the swing

Pattern and sickness have floored me this last four weeks, but a second course of antibiotics is helping with the latter…

Oldest daughter had another birthday in the month of pattern and here is her cake:

loveheart cake

straight lines are not my forte, but both Oldest Daughter and I was pleased with the outcome. It tasted great – though the textures of cake, jam, fondant and fizzy sweet all together were interesting 😀


Blogging Birthday!

Today is my blogging birthday – one whole year!

In celebration I am going to eat cake, but before I do I wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been with me on this first year of my journey into the blogosphere.

I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and really upped the amount of creativity in my life – being creative has come out of my peripheral vision and into my sight line which has been wonderful.

I am also heading for my 100th post, so I will have to have a think about how to celebrate that – perhaps I will ask you to join me in a challenge and give something away as a prize…watch this space!

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