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Birthday cake time again

I truly have had no time at all for blogging in the last 6 weeks of term – instead I have expended energy on being a better teacher. However, Oldest Daughter’s birthday rolled around again and with it her demands for a particular shaped / decorated cake.

I am beginning to feel that my daughter’s expectations are outstripping my expertise, but I gave it my best shot and, honestly, I am pretty chuffed with the outcome – even if she did say ‘Eeugh that icing looks gross’ as I was rolling it out, having spent time colouring and arranging it to blend in a tortie kind of way…

cat cake

Further adventures in shrink plastic

Having completed one item of jewellery and with another friend’s birthday imminent, I decided to make a pair of earrings.

This friend has a thing about Sunflowers.

As you can see, this time I used white shrink plastic of A6 size and drew two Sunflowers freehand, hoping they would come out roughly the same…


Once again, using my trusty Sharpies I coloured them in before cutting them out carefully.

I punched a hole in each one and cooked them for the required time. As you can see they shrunk significantly:

WP_002638 WP_002642WP_002646

Finally I added some ear wires and attached them to a piece of card to make them look posh…

Minion madness

Youngest daughter went to a Minion themed party last night. I think they stuffed themselves with pizza and popcorn and had a Despicable Me fest, but for a gift my daughter and I drew these little canvases for the birthday girl:


As luck would have it I had saved the bright yellow gift bag Youngest Daughter got from the Big Brownie Birthday bash in the summer and we turned it into a minion gift bag:


Job’s a good ‘un 🙂

Back in the swing

Pattern and sickness have floored me this last four weeks, but a second course of antibiotics is helping with the latter…

Oldest daughter had another birthday in the month of pattern and here is her cake:

loveheart cake

straight lines are not my forte, but both Oldest Daughter and I was pleased with the outcome. It tasted great – though the textures of cake, jam, fondant and fizzy sweet all together were interesting 😀


Blogging Birthday!

Today is my blogging birthday – one whole year!

In celebration I am going to eat cake, but before I do I wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been with me on this first year of my journey into the blogosphere.

I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and really upped the amount of creativity in my life – being creative has come out of my peripheral vision and into my sight line which has been wonderful.

I am also heading for my 100th post, so I will have to have a think about how to celebrate that – perhaps I will ask you to join me in a challenge and give something away as a prize…watch this space!

New Year musings

I have said in previous posts that resolutions can be made at any time of the year, but as the 31st of December comes round I start to feel a bit antsy.

Of course, my own personal marker of the years tripping by is also almost upon me so perhaps that is part of the problem. As much as I like to celebrate living longer, each year the time that has passed weighs on me a bit.

I start to feel the need to throw things out. I start to resent being knee deep in Christmas paraphernalia and yearn for the relative minimalism of a house without baubles and tinsel. I also like to make some plans – some achievable and some pie in the sky.

The eternal question is can these plans survive the hustle and bustle of every day family life? Essentially that’s what this blog is about. Making space for the things I love to do. Making sure that I don’t lose myself.

I look back on the things I have talked about on here and I am impressed that I managed so much – I spend a lot of time berating myself for not spending time wisely, but actually I fit a lot in.

Maybe this year I will put a bag over the head of the moaning gremlin that sits on my shoulder and embrace the cherub that tells me I can. If I manage only that, 2014 could be an even better year than the one I’ve just had.

cereal box gift wrap

Youngest daughter said last night ‘When are we doing my teacher’s Christmas present?’

Bearing in mind she finished school today for the holidays, last night became a flurry of activity on the cake front and a gift box had to be found pretty swiftly!

We used the bottom of a cornflake box – she painted it white to try and cover the design and then we covered it in torn tissue pieces. She painted a layer of PVA glue all over for shine and then a tissue layer was place inside and curling ribbon handles added.

gift bag

Considering it only took about 30 ninutes to make I think it looks pretty good – not sure how my lovely husband is going to feel about all the cereal packets being kept in the future ‘just in case’ though…

Here is a link to some other thrifty craft posts:

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baby christmas decoration

I started this craft with those little Russian dolls in mind, but in the end it turned out to be a cross between a Russian doll and a baby wrapped in swaddling – which was ok as it was a Christmas decoration personalised with the name of Brown Owl’s daughter.

She is made from fleece, polycotton and satin lining; all from my stash of recycled fabrics, and is hand stitched – including her face.


I think she’s really cute. Snowy Owl, if you are reading this, you will be getting a similar one in the new year!

Feeling groovy: polka dot bows and sewalong fame

It’s been a weird old week. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about sewing and spent more time in my local haberdashery than normal too – writing this blog has really helped me up my game in terms of bringing creativity to the front of my brain. My family may tell you that dinners have been less imaginative and Mum is less attentive than usual, but I’m putting that down to adjustment…it’ll all balance out.

I’m working on week three’s project for the Runway Refashion Challenge and I was so excited to see that my ‘week two:Denim’ gilet made it onto the Renengade Seamstress’s sewalong page WooHoo! check it out here

The only completed thing so far this week though has been two bow clips – part of a gift for my daughter’s friend. I love making these. they are so cute and very simple.

I’m now officially on holiday from work as the College term has ended. Oh the plans I’m making!

Easter ‘make’ a day – Day Seven: now I really need a lie down!

So, today was the Spot’s Birthday Party workshop at the theatre – 25 children aged 2-6 which is enough to strike terror into the stoutest of hearts.

Luckily my friend Emma has a small child magic about her and can control large swathes of them with just her voice and a selection of songs and games. In between we got them to handprint Spot, make bunting and party hats, decorate tin cans with sunflowers and plant seeds in them as well as decorate and eat a cupcake. We also painted their faces as lions, snakes or penguins and in true Spot tradition searched for his friends around the theatre for a ‘bingo’ game.

As always it was a noisy, happy, messy two hours.

I only have a couple of pictures to show for it, but if you are in the South East Essex area and want to see the show ‘Spot’s Birthday Party’ I’ve added the link at the bottom of the blog page.

the sunflower pot filled with compost and sunflower seed

the sunflower pot filled with compost and sunflower seed

Our Spot set ready for children to have their photos taken – apologies for terrible picture!

My challenge week is officially over! Thanks for your encouragements.

I truly went for ‘making time to create’ this week. While it was harder some days than others and a real test of my resolve I am happy with the outcome.

It’s not a standard working week for me,though essentially all that means is that I didn’t go out to work and I didn’t have Guides – everything else stayed the same. Its good to know it’s possible to fit in creativity in any form every day.

Honestly though, once or twice a week would be enough!

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