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stripes – the first week of the refashion runway challenge

the finished piece

the finished piece

This jumper dress from New Look came out of a bag of clothes my niece was throwing out. I have worn it, but it is a little too snug and being of average height, it is one of those pieces of clothing that doesn’t really do anything for me. It also has a diamante anchor motif right on the breast – not good.
However I thought the knitted fabric was nice and that it would make a lovely little cardigan, so I challenged myself to ‘make it so’!

First I cut off the bottom of the dress, just under the anchor. Next, I laid the top half on it and judged where to cut the arm holes. With those cut, I cut the sleeves off the original top, along with the neck edge and then used the neck edge to draw a new neckline on the bottom piece. I folded the new garment in half to find the centre front and cut the front open to make it into a cardigan.
Now I just had to put it back together: shoulder seams, sleeves back in and then a blue spotted ribbon from my stash to bind the front and the neck.

I am very happy with the resulting edge to edge cardi – it was deserving of a Buntyboo brag label and I am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow – with a navy blue t-shirt, not this grey one!!

Dyeing for a change

unloved items

unloved items

I am not a lover of white or pastel colours and they don’t love me. My smallest daughter also bypassed some lovely passed down items because of the colour so, instead of consigning them to the charity bin or trying to sell them on Ebay, I thought I’d give them a makeover.

Trusty Dylon washing machine fabric dye came to our rescue. I chose Tulip Red because I enjoy a good blue-red and, following the very simple instructions, I dyed the four items above plus three very boring cream hand towels, a couple of white pillowcases and (ridiculously) one old shoelace from a discarded pair of trainers.

I am very pleased with the results and my washing machine has not suffered from the glorious colour that washed around it for two hours or more.

What was interesting was that although all the items were cotton, they took the dye in entirely different ways. The towels got the truest colour I think and look lovely in my downstairs bathroom, but the rest have come out in varying shades of pinky reddish coralish that I am enjoying.

The shirt retained its white stitching, the vest gained a light pink edge and the little halterneck now has white embroidery on the chest that looks lovely on the coloured background. Best of all the cardigan’s stains have disappeared and my daughter has now claimed the two items for her wardrobe.

sporting my new matching vest and shirt

a more attractive addition to smallest daughter's wardrobe

a more attractive addition to smallest daughter’s wardrobe

Not bad for just over £5 on dye and some water  rates.

We will try very hard not to do the matching mother and daughter thing though 😀


a new lease of life for an old friend!

the necessary 'before' shot

the necessary ‘before’ shot

new look cardi sporting one of my Buntyboo labels

new look cardi sporting one of my Buntyboo labels

See, just having to write this has already made a difference!

Yesterday I took a sad and lonely old wool friend, that I bought in Edinburgh in around 1995, out of my jumper drawer-we hadn’t been out much together for a long time even though it’s been pretty cold for the UK recently, and I revamped it into a Chanelesque cardigan. We are now planning many late winter/early Spring outings!

It was much easier than I thought to cut it up and use my sewing machine on the knit fabric of this wool jumper. I stay stitched where I was going to cut before I took the plunge with the scissors and then I bound the raw edges with  strips of a remnant of fabric that I’ve had in my fabric stash for almost the same length of time! They were a perfect match for one another – the jumper is a heather/soft grey marl and the fabric a darker grey silk effect finely shot through with gold, red, blue and green.

I liked it so much I added one of my ‘brag-labels’ and I am wearing it today!

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