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Cake pop bears

I have had such little time recently because of my teacher training, that I literally haven’t made anything. However, on Friday I took a little me time and went to a Trefoil Guild meeting for the first time in two months.

This month we were decorating cake pops and, as well as eating far too many, I made these for my girls:

cake pops cake pops2

They wouldn’t have won any beauty contests, but they didn’t last long enough to be entered – shortly after these photos they were devoured.:)



hot chocolate pops – Happy Christmas!

I found the recipe for these in my local Morrison’s magazine and swapped the lolly stick for a peppermint candy cane

They took an hour or so to do but I got enough out of less than £15 spend to give one to each of my 25 Guides plus 7 Senior Section as a Christmas token and still have one left over for me 😀

warm the pot in warm water for a short while, pop them out and put into hot milk for a delicious hot minty marshmallowey chocolate drink.


after dinner snowmen

Christmas Day evening, after a great meal (mostly cooked by Lovely Husband), a sit down and a light tea our guests were invited to create snowmen.

The materials on offer? marshmallows – giant and standard – rolos, giant chocolate buttons, rainbow laces, jelly beans and dolly mixtures…

Look how handsome they are!


homemade crisps

I know, it was just what you were waiting for – a homemade crisp tutorial 🙂

I had some soft-ish potatoes and a crisp craving and I thought ‘it can’t be that hard.’

crisp1 crisp2

I sliced the potatoes thinly on a mandolin – being very carful not to slice myself in the same way, and heated a couple of inches of sunflower oil in my wok.

crisp3 crisp4

I patted the slices dry in a clean teatowel to remove some of the starchy stuff. When the oil was very hot I put the slices in, trying to ensure they went in individually as far as possible so they didn’t stick together. They don’t take long to cook – a couple of minutes maybe. It’s a judgement call.

I was so proud of this first crisp it got it’s own portrait!


8 small to medium potatoes netted us a bowl of crisps each (lightly dusted with salt) and a small box of crisps for Husband. He left his ’til the following day and they still had the perfect crunch.

They took about 20 minutes, but that was quicker than trawling to the shops and back, healthier (probably) and perhaps cheaper 🙂 and they definitely make the’ best Mum ever’ list.

maybe this is why they call it the love apple

love apple

love apple

It seems there are any number of reasons why the tomato was called a love apple in the dim and distant past – from it’s apparent aphrodisiac qualities to a linguistic error – a mishearing of pomi dei mori, or apple of the Moor.
I wonder if the shape of the insides had any bearing…

Easter ‘make a day’ – Day Three: over the shoulder boulder holder

I have to tell you from the outset that I suffer from a fair quantity of boobage.

Whilst this is ok and sometimes even attractive when well strapped and supported, in a standard swimming costume it simply takes on a life of its own.

The reason I am sharing this somewhat personal information is that I recently went back to swimming lengths as a form of exercise. I hadn’t swum for some time and needed a new cossie, which I bought at a well known sports discount store, as I didn’t have £50+ to spend on one made with proper bra sizes. The down side of this purchase was the generic fit – well and good in all aspects bar the bust.

I have, incidentally and it turns out serendipitously, been tidying the room that purports to be my bedroom. I have my suspicions that it has been replaced by the cupboard under the stairs while I slept, it’s so full of STUFF. However, in amongst the piles I found an old moulded-cup bra – a little soft and saggy, a little too well worn – and I decided to marry it to my cossie!

My lovely daughter pinned me into the two items and having managed to get it off again without spearing myself, I have sewn one to the other. It’s not the sexiest cossie in the world, but now at least I can tell my bosom from my waistline, which is always a plus…and I’m looking forward to trying it out at the pool this week.

cossie with support-you can see the black straps sewn to the blue costume

close up


any excuse!

Any Excuse!

My oldest daughter had a couple of friends to stay last night – a birthday party of sorts – usually referred to, without any sense of irony, as a sleepover.

Lack of sleep aside, it gave me many more opportunities for small bouts of creativity.

before disaster struck

I watched my daughter use an icing bag recently, with royal icing in it (she has her own blog and I thought ‘I’ll give that a go, looks easy enough.’

Well I was right – if you can use a pen you can pretty much use an icing bag. Unfortunately for me my royal icing mix was a little soft, so when I tried to lift my handsome blue owls off the greaseproof and place them on my little squares of iced cake for the party bag, they broke spectacularly! Being of a waste not want not nature, I used them as sprinkles. They made a change from hundreds and thousands…

we ❤ bath bombs

I like to let my girls spend time doing nothing.

What I mean by that is I like to allow them time to find something to do by themselves, something unscheduled or not adult led. It’s worked a treat – except that when they come up with ideas for activities when their friends come, I can hardly say no.

With her party in mind and not wanting her guests to be bored, my daughter took due note of the Blue Peter instructions (see link below) for making bath bombs with bicarb, cream of tartar, food flavouring and colouring and water.  It was like making bicarb sandcastles.  As with sandcastles though, the water content is crucial.

When we freed these from the silicone mould we had a bit of crumblage, so I wrapped them artistically in foil to maintain the heart shape for the party bag and instructed the girls to ensure they opened them over the bath!

I’m sure they will fizz beautifully at the appropriate moment…

When I was a girl and ‘Why Don’t You’ was still on TV, shrinking crisp packets in the oven was practically a national pastime.

I can’t actually remember what we did with them after they were shrunk, but I was happy to see this particular fashion come full circle, apparently featuring on ‘Totally Rubbish’ recently. (that link doesn’t seem to be available, sorry.) Basically, heat your oven to around 120* C and line baking sheets with greaseproof paper before putting your (plastic) crisp packets on. Some shrink quicker than others. They will curl, but you can flatten them when you take them out, under another sheet of greaseproof but remember they are H.O.T !!

My only recommendation is: really make sure you preheat the oven and then watch them like the proverbial hawk. 30 seconds can mean the difference between a perfectly shrunk recognisable crisp packet and an unrecognisable blob of strange stretchy springy plastic.

I love googly eyes. They just make anything they are attached to funny. We made these fellas into brooches with a little safety pin duct- taped to the back.

what just happened?I think we just got zapped!

what just happened?
I think we just got zapped!

Finally, I have an odd penchant for patterned fingernails. I think they just appeal to the paintbrush holder in me – an opportunity to do something in miniature (remember, I bought the magnifier light).

Plus it seems to make me the best mum ever. Which is a bonus.

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