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How to carry a watermelon

How do you carry a watermelon?

Why, in a watermelon bag of course.


Inspired by a watermelon t-shirt seen online while we were planning craft activities for Guide camp, we bought calico bags, red and green fabric dye and seed shaped beads.

The girls dip dyed their bags and, when they were happy with the colour, we rinsed and dried them before decorating them. Most girls opted out of sewing on the beads, preferring to write slogans on with fabric pen, but this is Oldest Daughter’s – and I did the sewing…



In this picture, the darker bag is mine. Dip dyeing whilst being in charge meant it got left in significantly longer each time and, as usual for the woman who can’t see a straight line, the pattern is wonky. However I will salvage this with strategically placed ‘seeds’ so the finished bag looks more purposefully arranged!


Shrinkle campfires!

I love Shrinkles. Strange plasticky paper you can draw on which, when you cook it shrinks to a much smaller size and becomes hard plastic.

Genius – and Brownies and Guides love it.

After we made jam tarts, we had time at Guides to make some camp blanket badges featuring campfires, out of Shrinkles. The uncooked drawing went home with the girls and I’m not sure whether I will get to see them finished.

However, my own Brownie and Guide brought one home and I did one too:


We hole punched holes round the edge so that we had a way of sewing them on our blankets later, then followed the instructions and made them small


We are very chuffed with them. I have sprayed them with a varnish in case cooking isn’t enough to stop them fading in use. They are now in my pile of badges to sew on…. but that’s a whole other post!

Surely it’s not September already!

Once again time has slipped through my fingers and I am ashamed to say it has been almost a month since I posted anything.

In my defence I have been to Guide Camp and then on holiday and in between it has been The Summer Holidays; where days lay out before you like a playing field of freshly cut grass ready to be played on and it feels like time stands still…only  it doesn’t, and then its teatime and oh look its bedtime and where on earth did that go???

The last couple of days have been taken up with organising our returns to school and work and Guides – the most creative I’ve been is ironing on name tapes and thinking about packed lunch menus.

Anyway, while my craft space is still beautiful through recent lack of use, it is about to go into production and I will have some things in the pipeline to share.

I will leave you with bated breath (I’m sure) 🙂



Guide tie-dye plate bag update

Well, it wasn’t so bad after all. Phew.
One or two of the Guides looked at me as if I was mad, but mostly they managed a decent (if large) running or back stitch and then chose a fancy shoelace as the drawstring.
The test of course, will be whether the bag holds their eating equipment…. 🙂

The great Guide tie dye

Last week at Guides we started to make plate bags for camp – for those of you who don’t do Guides, this is the drawstring P.E. type bag you keep your plate, bowl, mug and cutlery in.

I bought very cheaply, two second hand sheets which I cut into A3 (or there abouts) size pieces. The girls tied knots or used rubber bands to hold a variety of twists and turns in their fabric, before leaving them in a dye bath for the duration of the meeting (we also attempted to make kaleidoscopes that night).

I got home and put them through a rinse cycle in my washing machine. Undoing them elicited a lot of admiring oohs and ahs from me – they were all so different-everything from classic tie dye circles to stripes and beautiful feathery patterns.

I can’t wait to show them at our next meeting – though I’m a little trepidatious about the next bit…sewing by hand 😀 I may not be the most popular Guider that evening!

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