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Patterned Teacup cards

Before the Easter holidays we did some craft at Guides.

I decided to make a card that could be used for Mother’s Day (this year it was the 30th March in the UK), but that could equally be used for anyone who needed a boost.

I had originally seen this as an activity some years ago, but didn’t have any instructions – it was also, as I recall, a card made in the shape of a teapot. I researched the idea and found some nice instructions here : .  It was a paper teacup and saucer, made to stand away from the card in order to hold a teabag

I showed the girls how to make the card and let them loose on a pile of plain and patterned papers and here are the results:


As you can see one girl re-figured the template to make a coffee mug (bottom left) and one disregarded the template entirely and made a PG Tips box for her card (which inexplicably didn’t get photographed) – but that’s ok; I’m all about artistic freedom 🙂

There were mother’s day poem options, but most of them wrote something personal and endearing. A success overall, though I didn’t get one as my Guide was appearing in ‘Alice’ at school that night. Oh well.





I couldn’t find a card I liked so…

I have been so busy with family, work, Guides, a teaching qualification and recently Brownies while Brown Owl is on maternity rest, I have been making but not blogging – apologies. In an attempt to remedy this, here is the first of a few I am preparing!

Brown Owl gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at the beginning of this month – only the week before she was running a Hallowe’en Pack Holiday. That’s commitment!

I searched the shops and – despite the fact that owls are EVERYWHERE as a motif – I couldn’t find one on a New Baby card anywhere. So I made one!

Once again I thank goodness for my stashing habit – all the bits and pieces for this card came out of the paper and crafts boxes.


Oldest daughter came up with the inspired caption and, at A5 size it was big enough for 25 Brownies and 21 Guides to sign and send their best wishes.

I think Brown Owl appreciated it 🙂

matchbooked resolutions

Who says resolutions can only be made in January?

At the beginning of term I ask my Guides to write down the things they would like to achieve or try during the year. They hum and haw a bit and sometimes huff, but they all manage to think of something- often along the lines of not arguing with siblings or keeping up to date with homework, but sometimes they surprise you with ‘go paragliding’ or ‘learn to ride a horse’.

Usually we do this in letter form, but this time I decided to make more of the opportunity to do something creative, so we made matchbooks.

I’d seen this as a scrapbooking technique some time ago and I used this tutorial to help me remember how

As you can see, it was a success.


And writing their resolutions warmed the little grey cells enough that the girls made some great suggestions for activities for the coming terms. Result!

Guide tie-dye plate bag update

Well, it wasn’t so bad after all. Phew.
One or two of the Guides looked at me as if I was mad, but mostly they managed a decent (if large) running or back stitch and then chose a fancy shoelace as the drawstring.
The test of course, will be whether the bag holds their eating equipment…. 🙂


broadbeans, badges and bootlegs

broadbean heart

a perfectly formed heart on a broadbean from my homemade minestrone

Another week has gone by and while I haven’t completed a whole creative project I feel I have made time to do tasks that could come under the creative banner – it was nice to cross them off my ever expanding List and creativity comes in many different guises after all.

Some months ago I bought a pair of Long Tall Sally trousers in a second hand shop in Bishops Waltham when visiting my Uncle. They were a perfect fit around the waist and hips and a gorgeous navy blue, which made a change from black and grey.

Not being long or tall – or indeed called Sally – they were about six inches too long. This weekend I measured them up against some trousers that are the right length, cut off the excess and hemmed them. Perfect! Why it took me so long to get round to it I don’t know, but it took 45 minutes at the most to do.

Another sewing job was Guide badges onto my daughter’s uniform – I know, I know, she’s supposed to do it herself, but I think we both wanted them on her uniform before she moved onto Senior Section in 2016 or so – and she’ll get plenty of practise doing her camp blanket. I recently splashed out on a magnifier/daylight light and I have to say that it was perfect for working by tonight. No squinty eyeballs after sewing and I got to decide how the badges were positioned. Hurrah!

Finally, I remembered I had a camera on my phone (not a new thing, but I rarely use it) when I came across this broadbean in my minestrone. Had to be captured for posterity obviously.

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