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what to do with all this free time…

I like to think of the summer holidays – that long stretch of (if we’re lucky) sunny weeks that¬†I get to spend with my girls, as a challenge. A challenge to have a lovely interesting time on as little money as possible ūüôā

I splashed out in the 99p shop a couple of weeks ago on blowing bubbles, water pistols and a strange lacrosse-esque plastic ball catching game (under £7 in total) which my girls have already had fun with.  We also have an old bath tub for wallowing / splashing in on the lawn Рdid I mention husband sells bathrooms? and the bikes and scooters are ready to use.

In addition we are lucky enough to live 15 minutes walk¬†from a small local library and we’re taking part in the library’s Creepy House reading challenge and 5 minutes walk from¬†the seafront should we wish to try salty water instead of fresh.¬†So we are really very well set up.

However, for rainy days or when your children need to sit in the shade for an hour, there’s nothing like a bit of playdough to take up some time and unleash in them¬†some creativity, whatever their ages.

I found¬†the instructions¬†in a book I picked up pre-kids; bought for ¬£4 with an idea that it might come in useful at some point, for something…see, I was right! !¬† It’s called something like ‘500 things for kids to do instead of watching TV’ – naturally I can’t lay my hand on it right at this moment, but when I do I’ll post the recipe. It’s super easy, made of store cupboard ingredients and I’m sure counts as doing science with your children ūüôā

DSC04019 DSC04016 DSC04015

I made this batch¬†about 2 weeks ago and it’s been kept in a box in the¬†fridge in between uses and has stayed perfect.

Youngest daughter had it out again today – she likes monsters…




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