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Firework resolutions

I start back at Guides this week and in keeping with tradition, we often look at resolution making in January. It’s not always personal – sometimes we look at them in terms of the things they would like to try at Guides during the year.

In the past we have written ourselves letters, sealed until the end of the year, and made little matchbooks, but this year I decided to go with the firework scheme. I recently came across Popplet, which I think is a very cool mind mapping tool and I had been toying with a lesson plan to do with resolutions. In doing so came up with 5 strands to make it less intimidating to children:

something I will do less of

something I will do more of

something I will do with my friends

something I will do at home

something I will do at school (or work if you are grown up).

2015 resolutions

As you can see by the image, I have used black card – this is A5 – and glitter glue in the center for the 2015.

Strips of colour are applied (perfect for using up those scraps of coloured paper we (I) have hanging around) – these are the pretty bit of the firework and hold your resolutions – small to keep things short and to the point – and white pen was used to add drama.

I put a paper ribbon on the top for hanging. Will let you know how these went down at Guides!


Patterned bracelets-March challenge 1

My apologies – I have not lived up to my weekly blogger tag so far this month.

The birthday obviously went to my head – too much cake – but now it is the 12th of March and I have nothing uploaded to show for this month’s challenge, which is Pattern.

I am afraid of pattern.

I have watched the new series of the Great British Sewing Bee and envied other’s ease with patterned fabrics. My most patterned items of clothing are pyjamas, which aren’t worn outside the house and therefore are not exposed to criticism or ridicule except by my family.

I am also a bit afraid of colour, so the combination of pattern and colour often stops me dead – hence I am no patchwork quilter…

This month’s challenge was to try to overcome that – not necessarily by jumping on to my sewing machine and running up a glorious african inspired two piece (I wish) but to look at pattern as something interesting, something exciting. To try and learn how patterns work and how they can work together.

In it’s simplist form I have been having a go at rainbow loom type elastics and watching my girls and the Brownies and Guides blend the colours has been a revelation.

I found a very good instruction for doing a bracelet on your fingers – we used two pencils in the end as the elastics can cut off your circulation! Here is my version of the single fishtail:

WP_001795 WP_001791

Choose your colours and lay them out to make the pattern, then start with a figure of eight round the pencils.

WP_001798 WP_001799 WP_001800

Add the next to colours, but without the twist in the middle. Take the bottom elastic on each pencil and pull it up over the top of the pencil, dropping each side into the middle.

WP_001803 WP_001804WP_001806

Add another colour-again without a twist and repeat the previous procedure with the bottom elastic. Continue on this way, gradually growing your pattern.

WP_001807 WP_001809

You can basically keep going as long as you want – many bracelets were made on our recent overnight camp with Guides (whole arms worth in some cases) and one Guide made me a splendid glasses necklace. I now have no excuse for not being able to find my specs!

Knowing me, Knowing you

So it’s 2014 and I’ve been having a think about what this blog is for.

It is a visual diary – instead of promising myself I will do things, I do them and write about them. Since it began in March it has really helped focus my mind. I have loved reading the comments that have been posted and reading the blogs of similarly minded people. Both have shaped the things I’ve tried.

I think this year I will set myself some challenges – putting challenges out into Blogworld adds a little bit of pressure on me to turn off the TV and do something less boring instead….comment if you recognise that tagline 🙂

Here’s what I think the next three challenges will be:

JANUARY – upcycling

FEBRUARY – drawing

MARCH – pattern

If you would like to join me on these monthly travels, feel free. Link me to your posts – I will cheer you in your successes and offer you a virtual cuppa if you are being hard on yourself!

I am also determined to blog more often this year – preferably without all the long gaps!! To treble the current number of posts on here would be an awesome accomplishment.

I’d love it if those who are already following continue find me interesting. Perhaps if you do, you could point someone else in my direction. The idea of all those links round the world really excites me and my mind boggles at what ideas could be bounced around.


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