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A bespoke TV cabinet for under £50

10 days into my time off and I have refreshed my front room with paint, rearranged the furniture so it’s much more attractive and useable and spent as little as possible on a new carpet  – the aim was to have carpet without holes, but not so costly I was too precious to let my girls in ever again!

The final touch was to FINALLY organise a TV cabinet for the alcove / corner / window. It’s such an awkward space we’ve never been able to go down the ready to wear route and, as you can see, it was a mess of wires and a waste of a perfectly good husband made coffee table. Also, ancient cat kept pooping behind it – not good.

So bespoke was the only way, but my budget was tight. I popped into a few second hand stores and found this mahogany coloured beauty for £20 (reduced from £25!)

With a few coats of the same paint as I used for the walls, new handles and half a sheet of MDF cut to shape and painted in the same way, I have a bespoke TV cabinet that holds the TV, the video/DVD machine, the cable TV doobrie, all the Wii remotes and games and all the DVDs for less than £50. My husband thinks it was a great idea of his.

I’m pretty chuffed with it too!


a facelift for an old bag

the before shot

the before shot


When we go food shopping we take our trusty bags with us. They come in all shapes and sizes – Bags For Life, hessian bags, fabric bags, freezer bags, plasticised tote bags, canvas bags…and most of them I have been given or acquired somehow.

Recently however, two of the hessian bags had started looking a little worse for wear – the handles are good and the print on the outside is fine but the inside finishing had come away, leaving them soft and saggy.

I understood how they felt and was compelled to give these perfectly good shopping companions a facelift so that it we could continue stepping out together and they would hold my purchases with pride once more.

I had some material in my stash that came from a man who makes cushion covers for garden furniture. It is strong and durable – if not in the frontline of fashion design – and slightly waterproof toboot.

Measuring each section of one of my bags I cut out two ‘front’ panels (or a front and back if you prefer), two side panels and a bottom panel. These I stitched on my machine using a standard seam allowance. Trying it on the old bag for size, I found that it was a little too big, so to remedy this and to add a little design detail, I ‘french seamed’ them so that the seams had a decorative ridge on the right side of the fabric.

As the inside of the hessian bag had become unsightly as well as soft and saggy I turned it inside out so that the lining of my bag would be the decorated fronts. I also used an old Amazon cardboard wrapper (see, there’s a reason I keep everything!) and some duct tape to make a new card base which I placed into the bottom of my new bag before inserting the old one.

Keeping the handles free, I stitched (slowly because it was pretty thick) the turned in top of the new bag to the top of the hessian bag and ‘eh voila!’ one useful and attractive revamped shopping bag.

As I have more than one piece of the aforementioned fabric in my stash, and it was so easy to do, I have no excuse for not giving the second bag its facelift in the next few days…

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